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Patch #1 - A fresh start

Discussion in 'Patch notes' started by Lars, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Lars

    Lars Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2016
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    • Added a referral system
    • Added 5 new clan icons
    • Colorado is now Christmas-themed
    • You can now change the outfit of your character
    • You can now triple-click on a server name to join it
    • You can now see your account type in the main menu
    • Added a "Stash backpack" button to the global inventory
    • You can now sort servers by:
      • Name
      • Gamemode
      • Map
      • Ping
    • Improved overall loot
    • Added loot-able Christmas gifts

    Changes & fixes
    • Fixed the physics of 46 items and objects
    • Fixed an exploit where you would drop money after commiting suicide
    • Fixed a bug where shotgun ammo and flare clips would float in the air
    • Changed a welcome message when joining any server
    • Removed Woodland TAR-21
    • IMI Tar-21 has been reworked and renamed to TAR-21
    • Added a TAR-21 Winter
    • Added a new sight

    Added 3 new skills:
    • Back in Action
    • Back in Action 2
    • Side Bi-... Pockets
    Changed 2 skills:
    • Beat 'Em Up no longer teaches you Popped a Molly
    • Popped a Molly can now be learned separately

    • Zombies can now wear and drop gear
    • Added 4 different Christmas zombies

    • Added an error message when failing to buy an item for zombie cells
    • Added an error message when failing to buy a Legendary item
    • Added a message to inform a restart is needed when buying a box
    Added 5 new items:
    • Christmas Box
    • Christmas Flare
    • Christmas Special
    • Santa's Lil Helper
    • Santa's Sack (Legendary accounts only)