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Patch #2

Discussion in 'Patch notes' started by Lars, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Lars

    Lars Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2016
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    • Crash reports can now be sent after crashing, please press Send report when you do
    • You can now buy items in multiple quantities
    • Reduced zombie lag greatly
    • The tournament box can now only be bought once
    • Fixed a bug where items would not show up in the marketplace when opening the medical supplies or boxes tab
    • Fixed a major bug where FPS would drop greatly when shooting on medium or higher settings
    • Fixed a bug where a new item would not show up in your inventory after buying it
    • Fixed a bug where the scope of the TAR-21 Winter would have no texture in third-person
    • Fixed a bug where Legendary players couldn't buy the Legend Armor Box
    • Fixed a game crash after using food, water or meds
    • Changed the character pictures when creating a character
    • You can no longer put a space bar in your username
    • Removed "Standard Muzzle" from the loot table
    Added dynamic lighting in the following areas:
    • Smallville
    • Oak Mountain Rest Stop tunnel
    • Ridgeway Airport
    Improved loot in:
    • Smallville
    • Norad Military Base
    • Oak Mountain Rest Stop tunnel
    • Camp Splinter
    • Ridgeway Airport
    • Improved ammo/bullet-hacking prevention and detection
    • Fixed an exception where you could get falsely banned
    • Fixed a bug with the Adrenaline Rush skill banning false-flagging people for speed hacking
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  2. Muhammedtv

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    Oct 8, 2016
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    Thank you, now I might not get banned from skilltree bug :D
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