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Patch #33 - A new look

Discussion in 'Pre-release' started by Lars, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Lars

    Lars Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2016
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    • Tournament Posters now spawn on all maps (more info)
    • Translated a few more items into German
    • Barricades can now be destroyed
    M16 and M16 Urban
    • New icon
    • New textures
    M4 Semi (pictures & discussion)
    • Rate of fire reduced slightly
    • New icon
    • New model
    • New textures
    • New iron sights
    • New animations
    • Fixed a random game crash since the previous patch
    • Fixed a bug where zombie dollars and cells would spawn in odd positions
    • Fixed a server crash
    • Fixed a bug where destroyed barricades would leave behind a permanent fire particle
    • Fixed a bug where your tournament character would spawn in odd positions
    • Fixed a glitch where you could get on top of any church
    • Fixed a bug where the Charismatic skill would not give you marketplace discounts
    • The Kruger .22 Rifle, Kruger Mini-14 and Mosin Nagant now show attachments and iron sights
    Colorado and South Colorado
    • Fixed a building with invisible doors
    • Fixed a graphical error with all post offices
    • Opened up a closed hangar in Sheffi's Compound
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