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Patch #37

Discussion in 'Pre-release' started by Lars, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Lars

    Lars Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2016
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    • You can now see your cell purchase history in the transaction log
    • Added an error message when trying to buy items with insufficient cells
    • Box prices are now also affected by the Charismatic skill
    Infection has been re-done
    • 25% toxicity
      Running costs double the stamina.

    • 35% toxicity
      Stamina takes twice as long to regenerate

    • 50% toxicity
      Loot highlight distance reduced by 75%

    • 65% toxicity
      You run and walk 25% slower

    • 75% toxicity
      You deal 50% less damage to zombies
    • Fixed a bug where the bandit flag would not fade after 10 minutes
    • Fixed a bug where players would get flagged as a bandit for shooting at zombies
    • Fixed a glitch where players would not drop game dollars on death
    • Fixed a bug where flashlights would turn back on after changing camera-view or looting/dropping an item
    • Fixed a game crash when loading the server list
    • Slightly changed the description of One Of Them
    • Improved detection-accuracy of speed hacks
    • Improved rapid melee fire detection