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Patch #4 - Start collecting

Discussion in 'Patch notes' started by Lars, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Lars

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    Sep 5, 2016
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    • You can now start collecting tournament tickets
    • Added a new type of Christmas zombie
    • Zombies can now drop special Christmas items to collect for rewards
    • Update the textures of grass on Colorado:
      • Cobblestone
      • Stone
      • Dry sand
      • Sand
      • Dirt
      • Mud
      • Gravel
      • Grass
      • Snow
    • Added Christmas Crown to the marketplace for Legendary users
    • Added PKM Ammo Box to the marketplace
    • The PKM can now be reloaded
    • Slightly tweaked loot in secret areas
    • Added PKM Ammo Box to the loottable
    • Slightly increased the chance of a Santa zombie spawning
    • Chemlights cast an actual glow now
    • The M249 Ammo Box now weights 0.8 kg
    • Night vision has been updated
    • Flash hider now decreases recoil and spread slightly
    • Rifle flashlight now decreases spread slightly
    • Rifle laser now decreases spread slightly
    • Forward grip now decreases recoil slightly
    • SMG grip now decreases recoil slightly
    • Decreased the damage gain from suppressors by 1%
    • MP7 can now use forward grip
    • All snipers now have longer bullet travel time
    • Most snipers have their damage adjusted
    • TAR-21 and TAR-21 Winter can now use attachments
    • Decreased the fire rate on the Kruger Mini-14
    • Decreased the spread on the Kruger Mini-14
    • Decreased the recoil on the Kruger Mini-14
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