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Patch #9 - Back in action

Discussion in 'Patch notes' started by Lars, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Lars

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    Sep 5, 2016
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    • South Colorado has been replaced with Colorado
    • Added geared zombies
    • Right-peaking is changed to provide a more fair playing environment
    • Improved the Marketplace transactions pop-up window
    • You can now use meds while sprinting
    • The camera now has the same sensitivity while sprinting
    • Barricades do no longer share a cooldown with meds
    • You now see a red hit marker when getting a head-shot
    • You can now move around while in your inventory and attachment menu
    • You now move slower when you carry a significantly larger amount than your backpack allows
    • The "In A Hurry" skill's pickup speed has been lowered to 50%, down from 75%
    • Increased the grass render distance by 50%
    • Removed Tournament Posters from the loot tables
    • The day/night cycle is shortened
    • Fixed an issue where zombies could climb onto objects
    • Fixed an issue where there would be Asian player-zombies
    • Fixed an issue where the AKS-74U assault rifle was recognised as a sub-machine gun
    • Fixed several issues with the death camera:
      • You can no longer look around while in the player list or pause menu
      • Fixed an issue where the camera would freak out when opening a menu
      • Fixed an issue where you could make your body become invisible
    • Finalized melee rapid-fire detection and prevention
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