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Release patch #1

Discussion in 'Pre-release' started by Lars, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Lars

    Lars Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2016
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    This patch has been prepared for roughly 2 whole months. Many things have been fixed, changed and added since Days after Dead was last public. Your account information can still be used to log in. Please welcome @Aphryv and @Nevakonaza to the staff team, and thank you for all the help.

    All new graphical designs, textures and pictures you see in-game are made by Aphryv.

    General (game)
    • More customisation
      There are 16 new t-shirt and trousers to choose from; along with 7 new hair and face styles!
    • New weapons and items
      We have 4 new weapons, 2 new ammo types and a few skinned versions of items. There are 2 new SMGs, 1 new sniper and 1 new melee item. On top of that we have 7 new textured items.
    • New skills and clan icons
      There are 3 brand new skills that can be learned in Days after Dead, and we also have a few new clan icons that you can choose from to customise your clan further.
    • Brand new menu UI
      Our main menu got a complete overhaul. We changed all textures for a better, more clean look.
    • Server browser
      All browse filters are fully functional, and "quick join" will put you in the server with the most players.
    • Binoculars/range finder
      Whereas before nothing would happen, when you use a binocular/range finder and have an empty quick-slot; it will place it in the first available empty slot.
    • Loot
      The new loot is currently being tested on Oakland. If it proves to be good, it will be implemented on Colorado. Loot on Colorado is currently experimental and not finished.
    • Safe zones
      There are multiple mini "safe zones" located over Colorado. You will be notified when you enter one, and they can be found randomly throughout the map. If you see a shack with a water tower in the distance, you have found a mini safe zone.
    General (other)
    • New launcher
      Our new launcher has a completely new layout, and also automatically saves your password.
    • No serial keys
      You can create an account via the launcher, without requiring a serial key.
    • Map optimisation
      Colorado has been optimised, and should provide a great frame-rate even on higher quality settings.
    • Alpha lighting and shadows
      We are using the lighting and shadows as they were in the alpha.
    • New grass
      Although we have the old lighting and shadows, we are still using the new grass.
    • Attachments saving
      Attachments are now saved. When you log out with attachments on your gun, they will still be attached when you log back in (unless you deposited an attachment in your global inventory)
    • First characters
      Your first 5 characters will all spawn with different items, introducing you to some of our newly skinned items.
    • Spawn protection
      You are no longer able to pick up items while you have spawn protection.
    • Campos City
      There have been small changes made to Campos City, to provide a better overall play-experience.
    • Spawning
      You will be teleported to the nearest spawn point when re-joining the same server to prevent being killed.
    • Skill tree
      The skill tree is now fully functional and all skills can be learned.
    • Full-screen mode
      The game will no longer hang when quitting in full-screen mode.
    • Experience
      Although experience could be gained and spent, learning a skill would not deduct experience from your character. This is now fixed.
    • Physics
      These are now fully functional and will not cause your game to crash anymore.

    • File validating
      Files should no longer become corrupt after updating your game, which made you re-install the whole game. Files are now validated after updating your game. Alternatively, you may use our guide on how to repair your game. The link is here: https://daysafterdead.com/forum/index.php?threads/19/
    • Ammo duping
      A bug which allowed you to exploit clip stacking, generating infinite ammo, has been fixed.
    • Zombie spawning
      Zombies no longer spawn inside buildings.
    • Hardcore mode
      This mode is now properly working and will have custom servers in a future patch, with no crosshairs, tracers, nameplates and possibly even HUD.
    • Early revival
      Early revival will now properly deduct zombie cells from your account.
    • Miscellaneous
      Fixed a bug that would turn on your chat by pressing TAB.
      Collision on objects have been corrected.
      Fixed the "decompress failed" error.
      Fixed a crash when joining the game with an attachment on your gun that has been banked.
      Master volume now also changes the music volume.
      Zombies no longer flicker at dawn.
      Fixed a bug where you would be unable to log in due to being in mid-air.
      Fixed a bug where you would be unable to log in due to being stuck in an object or terrain.
      Fixed a bug where you would be unable to change your "Shoulder View" key.
      Reporting a player properly works now and will show a confirmation message in chat if successful.
      Fixed a bug where assault rifles would do no damage at close-range.
      Toxicity works now.
      Fixed a bug where the game would use a lot of memory when playing for long.
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  2. Nevakonaza

    Nevakonaza Member

    Sep 5, 2016
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    Hype Hype!

    Now this is what i call patch notes,Absolute pleasure been part of Days After Dead,Thank you lars.
  3. Aphryv

    Aphryv Lead Designer
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    Sep 7, 2016
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  4. Anbu Demi

    Anbu Demi New Member

    Oct 8, 2016
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    Really looking forward to it. Thx for all you hard work :3
  5. Lars

    Lars Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2016
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    Added some more information about the loot. If loot on Colorado seems bad, do not worry because there will be a patch regarding that coming out tomorrow if the loot on Oakland proves to be good.

    They are not marked on the map and the community will have to find it themselves. Whether you want to share the locations with others is up to you.
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