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What is The Tournament on Days after Dead?

Official announcement

Dear survivors,

We are happy to announce that we are bringing out tournament servers. They are completely separated from normal servers and will not affect normal servers in any way.

Tournament servers are separate servers that only tournament characters can enter. There will be different seasons with different themes, and every season lasts 3 days. You will be playing on a smaller version of Colorado, with longer and darker nights. There are more zombies on the map, which deal extra damage and toxicity is a greater threat.

Our goal is to create a competitive and fair environment for everybody. Prizes can be won and every character starts fresh.

Extra information

  • If you want to use a different character skin on your tournament character, you need to buy a Tournament Box from the marketplace;
  • It is impossible to create, join or apply to a clan on tournament characters;
  • You will be automatically kicked if you leave your character idle on tournament servers;
  • All tournament characters will have the following starting items:
    • Strong Hammer (1x)
    • MiniSaints (2x)
    • Water 375ML (2x)
    • Bandages (3x)

All deaths are permanent. If you delete your character, all your stats will be reset and you will have to start over on a new character.

There are more zombies all around the map, and almost none of them are sleeping-zombies. They will not drop any money or cells, instead they will immediately add 5 experience to your character; and 25 zombie dollars and 5 zombie cells to your account. Their respawn time is also increased.

There is a rare chance that zombies drop items, depending on what kind of zombies you are killing. If you kill police zombies, there is a chance they may drop ammo or a knife. There are also pharmaceutical and military zombies that may yield items.

There are several categories, and each category can have 3 winners. The categories are:

  • Total tournament tickets gathered (high rewards)
  • Longest survival time (medium rewards)
  • Most zombies killed (low rewards)

What are tournament tickets?
These are tickets that will spawn all around the map on the final day of the season, they will spawn in large quantities in dangerous places, and low quantities in less-dangerous places.

Safe zones
You can enter a safe zone, but not access your global inventory. You can use the safe zone to, for example, trade items with other players.

Potential questions
Q:How much smaller is Colorado?
A:Please click the button below to open the tournament map.